Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

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Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

Your cooking assistant for easier (faster) meal prep.

Simplify dinner time with our premium-quality vegetable slicer, designed to rest your hands and more efficiently slice and dice ingredients for salads, stir-fry, and sandwiches alike.


Aawara Hoon



Practical And Easy To Use: Cut all kinds of vegetables, grate cheese, and slice fruits into beautiful, even sizes in seconds. Grate, chop, mash, and shape your ingredients with one versatile chopper tool.

The Best Cuts Around: With seven different stainless steel blades, discover a variety of prep solutions for your fruits and vegetables. Whip up sandwiches, sauces, and salads in a flash! And you won’t need any additional knives or tools; our chopper is your all-in-one solution.

A Must-Have Tool: From newlyweds to new apartment owners, this lean cutting machine is a great gift that will surely be appreciated. Gift the luxury of saved time from painstakingly cutting ingredients for lunch or dinner or snack time. Busy parents will appreciate it, aspiring chefs will absolutely love it.

Clean & Store In a Flash: Clean the blades and cutting unit with dish detergent and water per usual. Plus, with side storage for all the blades, you can keep everything for this vegetable cutter in one place. No mess, no stress.

Aawara Hoon

Color: Green + Grey


Package includes:

 1 x 14 x 14 mm / 0.55 x 0.55 inch and 7 x 7 mm / 0.28 x 0.28 inch Dicer Blade

1 x Grater Blade

1 x 4mm x 3mm / 0.16 x 0.11 inch Shred Blade

1 x 2 mm / 0.08 inch Slicer Blade

1 x Waffle Blade

1 x Egg Separator

1 x Drain Basket

1 x Hand Guard

Your kitchen assistant awaits – buy it now!


Multifunction vegetable cutter/slicer/chopper

fit for

vegetable, fruit, ginger, garlic


chopper, slicer, cutter, grinder,


dark grey and green/white and green




Fruit & Vegetable Tools





Fruit & Vegetable Tools Type

Shredders & Slicers

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60 reviews for Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter

  1. M***m

    Packing supper! Delivered intact! In the work has not yet tried-but I think there will be norms!)))

  2. V***a

    Delivery 19 days by mail mistexpress, packing very reliable-air mattress, like all whole, material plastic, quite strong, in a set of several knives, what and how we will understand in practice, I recommend the store and the store.

  3. D***z

    Fast shipping! Arrived in Spain in two weeks. I’m really impressed by the effort the store put into wrapping the product so that it will arrive safely to its destination. The product arrived wrapped inside an air column bag. The material of the vegetable cutter feels good quality. It’s a perfect slicer for the kitchen. I bought the package that includes the spare blades (they’re inside the bubble bag). Although I still haven’t used it, I’m really happy with the purchase. I recommend the seller. Thanks!

  4. N***n

    Went to St. Petersburg for 3 weeks, everything is whole and in place, packed reliably, in the case until I tried

  5. R***r

    Доставили быстро. Все полностью соответствует описанию, упаковано очень хорошо. В использовании удобно, резиновые ножки – отлично держат контейнер и не дают ему скользить. Единственное – достаточно громкий стук при нарезке квадратиками, но по-другому никак.

  6. S***n

    It’s all right. I order the second one. Thank you cool vegetable cutter

  7. S***e

    I HATE chopping onions. I actually hate eating onions, too, but they’re easy enough to pick around. The chopping is what really gets me. My eyes always tear up and it’s painful. I’ve tried chewing gum and running water and all the old wives’ tales they tell you, but nothing really worked. Until this. It’s got a solid base, and lets you dice veggies like those dreaded onions with ease. It’s great for kids to help in the kitchen, or maybe those with arthritis who can’t chop as well with a chef’s knife. It’s easy to clean (just throw it int he dishwasher) and it comes with two different sizes of choppers. I was pleasantly surprised.

  8. J***O

    Were exactly 21 days, my wife was very happy. We will test and then leave the feedback, the blades are super sharp.

  9. V***v

    Turk is great! The blades are very sharp and sharpened, the plastic is 7 of 10, the tobege is quite dense and durable. There is no incomprehensible smell-everything is styrical and civilized. The store perfectly packed-the packaging is airy, because despite the absence of a box with a vegetable cutter, nothing will happen… In general, I am very pleased with the product myself and definitely recommend the seller and his store. However, the delivery was not the fastest, and here the wine of the DPD service, which is responsible for shipping the product category plus. A month and a half before the Republic of Dagestan, and this is very sad. In the rest everything is super! By the way, the seller is very sociable and no problem answers all questions, for which definitely respect!))

  10. S***g

    Package safely wrapped. Good price, nice product. The blades are very sharp.

  11. A***a

    Great stuff. Arrived in the air bag, all целехонько. Good plastic, strong, sharp nozzles. Very pleased that in the main container removable “colander”. Vegetable cutter is happy 🙂

  12. I***n

    Great vegetable cutter! Knives are sharp, so do not neglect precautions and protect your fingers! Many thanks to the store and the manufacturer!!!

  13. E***l

    Delivery to RO in 3 weeks. Bought to replace the usual Turk. In operation for a month-results: -For carrots on soup to use inconvenient-two rows of blades rub long and long, I will definitely return to the usual Turk. But for Korean carrots-excellent; -On large cubes perfectly takes raw potatoes-on soups now only so I do, very fast and convenient; -Raw onion does not take either on large cubes or small, unfortunately; -The nozzle for slicing plates raw potatoes takes, but it is more convenient for me to cut with a knife; -On the nozzles for cubes blades similar blades in stationery knives-the question how much will last. In general-the device is cool, especially for slicing on salads. Definitely in the House should be, in addition to the usual Turk.

  14. E***A

    Excellent! Full set, well packed, without damage! Very sharp squares))) while soap 4 times cut Delivery in time, track number was tracked. The order is satisfied, I recommend!

  15. R***

    Все пришло все целое качеством довольны. Все острое

  16. G***e

    I love this chopper. It definitely is sharp, but it has to be in order to cut through vegetables. It even cuts tomatoes. Someone mentioned putting the meaty part of the vegetable down and the peel up. That is great advice. Definitely don’t touch the blades with your fingers! Don’t let your kids play with this – it is sharp enough to cut vegetables, so it will definitely cut little fingers. We found this out the hard way.

  17. W***g

    It’s an AAAA+ quality tool. The first time I buy an item on AliExpress which is over my expectations. This mondoline slicer is excellent!

  18. B***n

    I hate leaving reviews but I must say that this cooking tool is amazing. The blades are sharp and cut my prep time down by more than half. I recommend cutting most vegetables in half before you use this. shockingly it even Cuts potatoes with ease. I have and will continue to recommend this product to friends and family.

  19. V***i

    Cool thing, fast delivery, a month in the work no complaints!!!

  20. S***n

    i really liked this product wish I would of purchased earlier ,I liked the way it handled it cut really quick threw my vegies and it had a compartment so your food can fall in was made great so far holding up I have used it several times already and only had it 3 weeks. on sturdiness I would of gave 5 stars instead of 4 but im going to wait and see on how it holds up a couple of months from now

  21. K***a

    овощерезка очень понравилась, всё замечательно, быстро дошла посылка. Вчера испробовала её в деле, сделала окрошку, осталась довольна, время на готовку сокращает в разы. Спасибо продавцу, отправил товар быстро, без задержек. Упаковка тоже по высшему разряду.

  22. J***r

    Muito bom, gostei da cara dele, acabou de chegar teste somente uma faca de corte e senti Firmeza. Novamente gostei.

  23. A***r

    My mom absolutely loves this chopper. She is an avid cook and cooks 2 meals everyday that involve chopping onions. I have been gifting onion choppers to my mom for the last 4 years. Initially I had bought the chopper from a different company which broke quite easily. However, this one is much more sturdy and my mother is very happy with it. My mom also uses this chopper for ginger, carrots and some squashes. She mentioned that the blades and body of this chopper is much better than the previous brand.

  24. O***a

    Мега крутая вещь! Рекомендую! Оливье получается очень красивый, квадратики мелкие, все ровные. Вот только яйцо застревает немного, но есть чистилка специальная. И очень-очень быстро. Терку пока не пробывала.

  25. Z***X

    Very satisfied, my old cut is resting 🙂 delivered quickly, packed super high quality 🙂

  26. G***a

    excelente artículo, las cuchillas son muuuy afiladas, ja ja, pero en general, buen producto, demorado por el virus, pero excelente estado.

  27. M***a

    This thing is SHARP!! Please be careful when opening the box and washing each of the attachments. This thing cut both myself and my mothers hands. All that said though, it is quite the handy tool and can quickly do a trillion things you need, especially for a newbie chef like me.

  28. F***o

    Producto perfectamente embalado, entrega a mediano tiempo…. muy satisfecho.

  29. R***l

    The chopper is easy to use, sturdy, and super easy to clean. This is the perfect chopper for chopping onions. I can chop onions and bag them in plastic bags and put them into the freezer to use them as a time saver when I’m cooking. I used to chop onions in my food processor, but there would be a lot of onion juice so the onions would freeze into a block. With this chopper, the onions don’t emit a lot of juice so no sticking together.

  30. T***m

    I got this as a Christmas present for my husband for Xmas. I was actually the first one to try it out. I made fried diced potatoes with our dinner tonight and decided to try out the chopper to save time. I’m in love with it and will probably end up using it more than he does. I was able to chop 3 large potatoes in less than 2 minutes. It’s also very easy to manually clean and can go in the top rack of the dishwasher which I love. Overall a wonderful addition to the kitchen and I’m so happy I found it.

  31. A***a

    I am amazed at how quickly this veggie chopper has become part of my food preparation. I use it on a regular basis to chop carrots, radishes, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, cooked beets, and turn one or a combination of them into ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook form. It’s pretty sturdy, too. The blades are quite sharp, necessarily so, so take caution when handling them. On my unit the tiny two-part plastic slider that locks the blades in place came apart and I need to figure out how to reinsert it. But the unit works quite well without this piece. Much recommended.

  32. R***o

    The product came very well. It’s very nice. Just need to prove it.

  33. M***w

    I use it regularly to chop many different kinds of vegetables, including onions, celery, mushrooms and carrots. Works well for apples too. I find that it is a terrific time saver. I was concerned that some reviewers said theirs broke soon after purchasing. Mine so far doesn’t seem at all prone to that. It seems like it is very well made. Whether this one is better than the other higher profile brand, I don’t know, but my buying instincts told me that this one probably was the best.

    I was also concerned it might be more trouble to wash it than it is worth in convenience, as some have said. Not the case for me. It admittedly can be slightly challenging getting all the food pieces out of the chopper parts, but the nylon bristle brush that comes with it makes it a relatively easy job. I have used my chopper almost daily for several weeks now. I am actually finding that I’m more eager to cook since getting this thing.

  34. J***r

    These blades are amazing and are very sharp. While I was peeling potatoes I missed the potato and hit my finger. It gave me a small cut, but I would recommend to others because it’s cut my meal prep time in half.

  35. V***n

    The parcel came quickly. Packed reliably. Material plastic. Externally it looks very decent.

  36. A***v

    Cutting fire. The spouse is happy, boiled vegetables cut with cheers. Knives are sharp, you can easily cut. Salads take twice as long.

  37. M***l

    Looks great and is accurate. The delivery was also quickly since.

  38. Customer

    Exactly as described. It came in nicely packed with a bubble bag that protected it. It looks very good quality. The blades bring a little box to keep. Everything fits inside the container. Very practical and saves space. I recommend this store. Good service and good quality.

  39. D***k

    I ordered this chopper in the hope that it would be a more durable unit than others I have had and used. I was amazed at the construction of the product. Truly a heavy duty chopper that has met all my expectations. I used it yesterday, the day I received and it preformed flawlessly. Cleanup was a snap. I would recommend this product to anyone who chops a lot of onions and doesn’t want all the tears. An awesome chopper.

  40. A***r

    My sister highly recommended this item after hearing that I was chopping onions by hand. I have only used it once, and I am already impressed. The plastic is so thick and strong that the bottom part feels like glass. I was hesitant with the first chunk of onion, but after I pressed it down the first time and heard that satisfying “whump”, I knew it could chop up anything in my kitchen. The chopping area is too small for half of a large vegetable, so many things will have to be quartered, but it doesn’t take any more time as it will chop as fast as you can feed it. I think I will dice onions as I get them and freeze the small dices to use as I need. No more tears.

  41. S***o

    Received item. Well packaged and unbroken. All parts are there. Item is well made and not flimsy or thin. Only thing that should be included is maybe some basic instructions. Otherwise happy with product. Will post more feedback later.

  42. I***i


  43. G***V

    Everything fully corresponds to the description. Quality is normal.

  44. D***l

    I am not a gadget person but I like to make salad & hate to chop veggies so I ordered this hoping it might inspire me. The first day I got this I made a HUGE bowl of tuna salad with lots of celery, apples & onions in just minutes. You have to cut the veg just small enough to fit in which I was lazy about & I was pleasantly surprised It doesn’t take alot of force to push them through the dicer . I love that the bottom holder can hold a lot of chopped vegetables which saves the hassle of constantly dumping out & putting together. clean up was a cinch . Love this thing.

  45. A***n

    Works well to make uniform size onion pieces for cooking – out of the box I diced 3 onions that ultimately went into 3 dishes – made it possible to cook all 3 without the drudgery of prepping the onion 3 times. Cleaning the tool was OK- I cleaned it by hand and did not use the dishwasher or the little brush that came with the device – those may make it easier than what I experienced. Also, the chopper space is a little limited, so I found best results were from thinner slices of onion and more times of chopping – making it a little more work than I expected. But overall very useful and gave me a headstart in cooking multiple dishes – which is frequent now that we are all home.

  46. M***a

    If you are buying this – please BE REALLY REALLY CAREFUL – it is super sharp and that super sharp is 5* positive and 5* negative – depends on how is your experience.

    The product is awesome but dangerous to use. My spouse couldn’t touch it after finger was sliced so returned it.

  47. V***r

    Great vegetable cutter! It is made neatly, the grater is sharp, the container on the bottom is rubberized, even the device for cleaning the nozzles is. came packed in air bag. Definitely recommend.

  48. T***s

    With this purchase I came across a rare combination, Excellent product and outstanding customer service. I tried other vegetable choppers and food processors. Off all those this is the best. Cutting vegetables like onion, carrot, potato, cabbage etc is very easy and cleaning is easy too.. Be cautious the blades are sharp and don’t discriminate between fingers and vegetables. I like this product and recommend this.

  49. J***y

    I’ve had this onion chopper for a couple of months and it gets used several times a week for various veggies. It is amazing. I bought one for my mom for Christmas and decided to get one for myself after a cheaper version broke on me. This chops evenly and quickly without a significant amount of pressure, has the capacity to hold one onion or bell pepper – maybe two if they are small and cleans fairly easily. Blades are still super sharp and it still chops as well as it did initially. My kids argue over who gets to chop veggies since we got this! Even my 3 y/o can push down hard enough to chop most things.

  50. N***a

    Very good Turk, I’m happy! It’s like the description. To the store Thank you very much, I recommend!

  51. J***k

    Report fast delivery and the device itself is just super

  52. T***e

    100% Perfect everything. The quality is very good. And they are very beautiful. Recommended 100% perfect everything. The quality is very good. And they’re very pretty. Recommended 100% Perfect everything. The quality is very good. And they are very beautiful. Recommended 100% perfect everything. The quality is very good. And they’re very pretty. Recommended 100% Perfect everything. The quality is very good. And they are very beautiful. Recommended 100% perfect everything. The quality is very good. And they’re very pretty. Recommended 100% Perfect everything. The quality is very good. And they are very beautiful. Recommended 100%

  53. Customer

    The order quickly reached the Kemerovo region in 15 days!!! In the set there was no 1 nozzle, and so everything is fine!

  54. M***w

    My 8 and 11 year-olds love to help in the kitchen, but letting them cut up onions and some other things still makes me nervous and/or has left us with some cuts. I bought this thinking it would be an easy way to get them involved with dinner that wouldn’t require as much oversight from me, but now I am obsessed. I have great knife skills after years of practice, but this creates such uniform results that I find myself reaching for it for my own use too. It is also great for canning season when there is so much chopping to do. I highly recommend this as an addition to your kitchen – kids or no!

  55. T***s

    I have been looking for an onion and veggie chopper for a while. I purchased one from Bed, Bath and Beyond last year but returned it because it did not work well. It was flimsy and I having to push down on the lever was gruesome. This product is perfect! I can chop my onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms quickly. I love the sturdiness of this product, not flimsy at all. You may have to cut the onions and bell pepper in half so it will fit on the chopper. I did cut the tips of my fingers on the dicer so be careful when lifting the top off. It is easy to clean but you will have to take it apart to make sure all of the chopped veggies are cleared. I plan to purchase one for my mother and sister. Highly recommend.

  56. A***e

    Very satisfied, very fast delivery received in 3 days!!!

  57. D***v

    Beautiful, made qualitatively, the plastic is pleasant. The color is beautiful. Satisfied. Packed qualitatively.

  58. M***e

    looks ok. Hinges are made of plastic, I hope they stand the pressure.

  59. O***r

    Very fast delivery and good product, meet what you promise

  60. D***v

    All as in the description. Check the work дополню tip

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